Some curiosities about the Stade de Suisse


Many times we watch a football stadium only the place where the game happens. Sometimes a stadium surprises you with some skills that cannot be watched with a simple look. For example, it’s nice to discover some curiosities about the Stade de Suisse, the stadium of Young Boys in Berna (Switzerland). It was built on the grounds of the former Wankdorf Stadium and opened on july 2005.

It has a  capacity of 32,000 spectators and all the seats are covered. It is the second biggest stadium in Switzerland and it was one of the venues in the 2008 Eurocup. Its surface is an artificial turf and it cost 350 million suisse franc. Just below the playing field is one of the largest shopping centers in Switzerland and a parking  with over 700 places. The stadium also includes schools, homes, a fitness center, several gyms and some restaurants.

At first sight it may seem a common stadium. But it is not:

Curiosity 1: Ecological stadium

On top of the stadium it’s placed the world largest stadium-integrated photovoltaic installation. It consists of approximately 8,000 Solar modules covering an area of 12,000 m2. In one year it can provide enough electrical energy for approximately 325 average households per year, 1,134,045 kWh in total and a Co2 saving of about 567 tons/year. The electricity from the photovoltaic installation powers the stadium and the neiborghood around the area.

Curiosity 2: The hot seat

In the stadium there is a single red seat, all the others are both black or yellow. It is the first seat installed in te stadium, in 20th january of 2005. There are not tickets available for that seat and it is used to be reserved for a famous visitors or Young Boys former players. The suisse goalkeeper Walter Eich unveiled it.

Curiosity 3: Icy record 

The stadium is not only used as a football ground. Many live shows and spectacles  have taken place there (Bon Jovi, Ac/Dc, Bruce Springsting or Red Hot Chili Peppers have played there). The Stade de Suisse has the record on attendance to a Ice Hockey match in Europe. The local teams, SC Bern and SC Langnau choose the stadium to play their hundreth match. It was on January 14, 2007,  when they filled the Stade de Suisse with 30,076 fans and the tickets were sold out out within 53 hours of tickets going on sale.


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