The come back of Eba Ferreira

Football is a short-memory sport. You are in the summit one day and in the following no one reminds you. Even more if you are female. That could have happen to many people in the Basque Country with Eba Ferreira, the most important Basque football player of the history, leader of that women’s Athletic Club of Bilbao that won 4 Spanish Super-Leagues, 3 of them in a Row. Since she left the red and white club, she disappeared from the slightly lights that media put on women’s sport.

But, suddenly, Eva is again on TV. She had been selected to take part in “El Conquistador del Aconcagua”, and adventure reality-show, the most successful program of the Basque Television, ETB. Not in such a good shape that she had when she played and with a short haircut, but with the same shiners that give her a particular look, she appeared on TV ready for reaching the summit of the Aconcagua mountain, almost 7.000 metres high.

She is now 39 years old and works cleaning a sports center. She left the Athletic two years ago, after playing for 8 seasons, 152 games and scoring 55 goals. She took part in the resurfaced women’s Athletic that came back to the elite of Spanish football league and got 3 leagues in a row. Furthermore, that women’s team achieve any football players dream (even women or men): to play in the San Mamés stadium, known as the “Cathedral” of the football, full of supporters. In that scenario, they get their first Superleague. Playing as a forward she lead the team to get three titles in a row, to play UEFA women’s Cup and to become the women’s football more visible in the mass communication media and the Basque society.

In 2004, she had a severe knee injury that kept her away from football fields for 16 mounths. But after recovering, she was able to continue with her life rutine. Her days started waking up at 4.30 for work and finished at 9pm in Lezama, Athletic Club’s training camps. She started playing football in her neighborhood, when she was known as “the boy”. Her mother always said than as she grew up, teams from her home town, Santurtzi, called her when they needed any other player. That way started the story of Eba, the woman that socer 55 goals and some of them in the Cathedral of the football.

In her new adventure Eva is trying to reach the summit of Aconcagua. She would have to fight and pass many proofs to have the opportunity of going up the almost 7000 metres high mountain. If she can get a better shape and overcome difficulties as cold, altitude and the rivals strength, take for sure that the ex-lioness has a taught mentality and capacity of self-improvement to be successful in her aim.

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