Which one is the best, Premier League or Spanish Liga BBVA?


Many times football fanatics have wondered which one is the best professional football league of the world. Take into account some different aspects of the football, i’ll try to expose why I think that the Premier League is better than the Liga BBVA.

1. The teams
There is no doubt that the two best teams of the world play in Spain. Barcelona and Madrid have demonstrated during the years to be among the best clubs and nowadays their monster budgets allow them to sign up the world greater players. Anyway, there is a deep difference between the two main teams and the others. It is usually said that there are two leagues in Spain: Madrid-Barcelona league to get the championship and the other one, to get the third place. Valencia’s economic problems and Atletico de Madrid’s irregularity during last years has become the Spanish league a copy of the former Scottish one, with only two teams in the real fight for the title and both of them hardly ever loosing a game.
In the other side, England has more candidates for the title. The foreign investment to Manchester City and Chealsea opened the contest to more teams, not only the usual favourites Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal. Also, teams like Tottenham or Everton, although not been in the challenge for the trophy, are able to get point from the best teams fields. English league is more equal and the results use to be tight when the teams named above face each other. Spanish league, although, is decided when Madrid and Barcelona play each other.

The two great teams are so powerful becouse of their gains, utterly bigger because of the unfair distribution of the TV rights. In Spain, Madrid and Barcelona earn 140 million € each, as the third earns 42 millions and the last aproximately 12 millions. In England, the team wich wins more money for the TV rights earns 68 millions a year and the last, 44. This is howTV rights money are the foundation of Madrid and Barcelonas economic strenght, that makes the difference wider with the other teams in Spain, as they have more money to sign up better players. In Engalnd the distribution is more fair.

2. Calendar and schedules

Here is the great difference between both leagues. Spanish leagues organisation is a wide disaster. Schedules are set only 10 days before the games are to be played and the TV companies have the whole authority to establish when the games are played. That is because the games are played one by one, with no two games at the same time and playing games on Monday at 9pm or Saturdays at 10pm. Many supporters considerate that they are mistreated by those ones who role the Spanish football.


Furthermore, Spanish league stops for Christmas, when most of the people are on holiday and more children are allowed to attempt a football match. In England, the Boxing Day crowds the stadiums with families and teams play more games than usual for Christmas. With no doubt, England wins the organisational comparison.

3. Attendance and stadiums

This point is closely associated to the point before. In England it is usual to see al the fields crowded. In Spain, it’s more than unusual to see one with the full-attendance. Only Camp Nou and Bernabéu use to be full and many stadiums (Getafe, Mallorca, Vigo, Zaragoza…) hardly ever reach to half-attendance. The reasons are the schedules and the prize. In fact, it’s almost impossible to attend to a match paying less than 50€.
Empty stadiums don’t give a good image of the Spanish league and yet Spanish supporters are not as fond on cheering and singing as the English.

Now, you can comment below and argue which one is the best football league of the world.


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