Can Wiggo do it again?

Winning the Tour last year’s Bradley Wiggins career achived it’s higher point. He got what every cyclist dreams when he gives his first pedaling. And once achieved it’a time to seek new horizons. The Giro was to be his next target: a career that in 2013 has no wild stages from the Zomegnan times and the competition will be much easier to win, without Contador in the race.  Wiggins to the Giro and  the Tour for Froome. No more fights during race and not more bad behaviours at the hotel.

But yesterday Wiggo surprised as with a statement to Radio 5 live from the BBC. He has changed his mind and now wants to defend his jersey. According to Sutton, the decision has been taken after being strong in his first trainning camp. The unfavorable course and the strong rivals have vanished from her head and now only one thought is in his mind: to win the Tour again. Is not something inherent in the spirit of winners mentality to overcome any adversity?

Now the problem is for the team and so Wiggins said: “Is Dave’s problem”. A big problem indeed, having two men capable of winning the Tour and none of them willing to be sacrificed for the other. It’s not easy to imagine how will the Sky manage the situation, if they are going to let the road decide who will be the leader (always a dangerour strategy) or attempt convinceing one of the two for working to defend the other o changeing the scheduled program and ride the Giro.

Froome, who stayed in the Sky by the promise of leading the team in the Tour 2013 (also for money, of course), is realizing that in early December his plans for 2013 may be changed. Given that last year Wiggins wasn’t able to follow his wheel climbing, nor Wiggins neither team managers have any legitimacy to call Froome to fight in the trenches. He has leadership skills and has earned the right to have a chance. And he is also British, by the way.

Usually nothing that it’s spoken in December must be taken into account, as we have some weeks left to the beginning of the season, and no decision is still 100% sure. But today, Wiggins wants to defend his yellow. And that is an unexpected problem for both the team and Chris Froome.