In Alonso we trust

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Once again Alonso wasn’t able to win the F1 World Championship. Sebastian Vettel, for third time in a row, was capable to resist Ferrari’s attack under the rain of Sao Paulo. Alonso’s magnificent race wasn’t enough, as he needed to win it, but Button did.

Alonso prayed for rain, crashes, Safety Cars and any thing that could help him. The rain appeared, also did the Safety Car, and Vettel had a clash on the first curve, when he was hit by Bruno Senna. However, the car wasn’t damaged enough and Vettel could continue the race from the back of the race. He got the sixth position and won the championship.

2012 season is the best one I remember. Alonso driving better than ever, Button and Hamilton doing irregular but brilliant performances and big equality during the whole year, wit Maldonado and Pérez achieving podium positions for William’s and Sauber had made the just-finished season very exciting and interesting. Also Renault completed a great season, with Raikkonen coming back after three years, winning a race and getting the third overall position, ahead of both McLaren cars.

The highlight of the season has been the fight between Alonso’s driving skills and Adrian Newey’s talent and scientific abilities to develop Red Bull’s car. Human vs technology. It’s fair to say that F2012 wasn’t so bad and Vettel one of the best drivers, but in every race there was a wide gap between both cars that only Alonso’s ability and talent could equalize the fight. And in fact he did, reaching to the last race only 13 points beyond Vettel, what is unbelievable comparing both cars. He did really impressive performances in Valencia, Malaysia or Hockenheim during the year.

Finally Red Bull won the trophy, but Alonso has demonstrated that he is the best pilot and that surely sooner than later he will get his third championship. Next year, the technical regulations won’t change at all, so Ferrari’s objective is now to develop F2012 and try to get closer to Red Bull. If the achieve that, Alonso will do the rest.