The bright side of Walcott’s injury

Theo Walcott’s injury, that will take him out of the pitch for almost 6 months, may seem a terrific new for the Gunners. And in fact it is, as comparing him with his fellows he has some skills that few of the other attacking players have (like speed or ability to use spaces, as he is the only pure winger of the team). But in Wenger’s hands is to turn this problem into an opportunity.

Walcott’s injury time could allow to change positions thay may benefit the team’s play. For example, Cazorla would play as right winger and Wilsherse on the left. This way Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil and Wilshere could be on the pitch altogether, something that has still never happened. Which team in the world could put on the pitch four so skilled and technical players? Just a few and none of them in the England.

Walcott’s injury could also give an opportunity to one of the most promising youngsters of the team: Serge Gnabry. The German has always demonstrated to be a raw talent and the manager has never hidden his hopes on this player. However, Walcott has been a king of  “cap” for him and with the gunners out of the Capital One Cup, the German did not seem to have many chances to shine this season, as the team is fighting for 3 tittles and Wenger prefers more experimented players as Walcott or Rosicky in his position.

That way Gnabry will play more and if he is that world class players that he seems he will consolidate as an important player for big games, and not only a substitution for the last 10 minutes.

The other bright side of Walcott’s injury is that Wenger will probably need to sign a new player, as many of the Arsenal fans wish. They are sick to death of seeing how other Premier League clubs sign high profile players while Arsenal signed worse ones due to budget adjustments.

For the first time in many years Wenger has big money to spend and if he needs a player, he will sign a world class one. No more Gervinho or André Santos. Next signing will be more like Ozil than like those ones. And provided that Bendtner is also injured, the manager knows that the only way to keep on fighting for titles is to spend money and sign players that would allow Arsenal to make a step forward.

Walcott will be ruled out for the season, but his absence will open new opportunities for his team and I bid that Gunners will not miss him as much as it is thought.

Another question is to know if at 24 and being at the top of his professional career he will comeback and be the same good player, as this kind of injuries are so complicated for football players. But Wilshere went through this and he is now againt on his best.

England will also be harmed by Walcott’s absence, as he will need a miracle to be fit for the World Cup and Roy Hogdson’s team cannot substitute him by signing any player.

His image celebrating Arsenal’s win against Tottenham is an evidende that we will always look on the bright side of life. That is what he did on the stretcher and what Arsenal fans should do now.


NBA, more than just basketball

The NBA season has started. The worlds biggest sport show began yesterday with the first games and until April thousand of games will be played for one magnificent goal: the ring.

Boston Celtics, Oklahoma Thunders, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are the favourites to win the NBA, but other teams like Minnesota Timberwolves or Brooklyn Nets has signed up talented players to face the main teams and will also have chances to reach the finals.

The star-system rules opposite the Eurpean basketball, where the payers play for the team more than for their own. In USA teams play for the star-player and if that player is successful, the whole team gets success. In the comparison with the European’s, many basket fans should claim that in the NBA defence intensity is much lower. The team which should play fewer games will play 82, in less than half a year and many times 4 games a week. Fast-food basketball is not fond to everyone but, anyway, we should admit that the show is attractive enough.

Jeremy Lin and his own american dreams was last years most emotive story

NBA is much more than just sport. It’s the mirror of the American society. Attending to a match is an example of the American way of life. Cheerleaders, kiss-cams, hot dogs and any type of fast food, music and that entire show business staff are added to the sportive competition to create a way of entertainment that for many years has been successful in USA and thanks to the TV is been spread all over the world.

The main success of the American league, in my humble opinion, is that you can hardly imagine who would be the winner at the end of the season, even which teams will reach the conference finals.

The salary cap and the equitable distribution of the TV rights allow any team to make a competitive roster and, signing up well, have the chance for fighting for the ring. David Stern, the commissioner, has worked for this idea of a strong league better than strong teams, unlike the European basket or football, where only the wealthy teams, so few, are able to fight for the big competitions.

NBA is much more than basketball and we should enjoy it as it is. The show has just started and will go on until mid-may. So be aware for the highlights with Ibaka’s monster blocks, James and Durant’s incredible shots, Lin and Harden’s leadership to make Houston a play-off team or Brandon Roy’s, Ricky Rubio’s and Derrick Rose’s recoveries after their injuries and their strong battle to win back their place as NBA stars.

For not missing the games add this link to your “favourites and if you live in Europe, remember one thing: Sleeping is for cowards.